social problems grow exponentially

so can their solutions

Traditional ways of solving social problems are linear and resource intensive. When problems multiply exponentially, scaling becomes difficult. We need bold ways to challenge the status quo and solve for 3 billion under-served people. We call such endeavors Societal Platforms.



Societal Platforms are manifestations of Societal Thinking, a systemic approach, a set of values and specific design principles, to reimagine social problems, redesign core interactions between key actors of society and induce exponential social change.
Societal Thinking enables:

  • Radical Inclusion
  • Diverse Solutions
  • Enhanced Ability
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Who We Are

We are an emerging community of change leaders, thinkers, mentors, funders and enablers who share an audacious vision: create exponential and sustainable social change.
We help change leaders around the world, reimagine and solve social problems in ways that can deliver impact at scale.

Meet the Ecosystem


societal platforms in action

Organizations around the globe are solving deep-rooted social problems by applying Societal Thinking to build Societal Platforms.

Anchored in an ecosystem where digital public goods, risk capital and purposeful innovation come together, platforms are paving the way for an emerging era of solving social problems across development sectors.

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