a greater good beckons

when we collaborate and co-create

Societal problems are large, complex and are dynamic in the way they grow and diversify. Creating societal change at scale calls for a collaborative approach – one that is greater than the sum of its parts. It calls for exponential solutions. It calls for bold experiments.

Why we exist

to enable problem-solving at scale, with speed, and sustainably so

creating public goods

enabling co-creation

amplifying interactions

The Societal


Imagine a common space where we all use shared resources, collective knowledge and a unified purpose to create diverse solutions. Solutions that speak to the needs of the communities, those that help people make progress in their own context, and are available to everyone to use, reuse and remake. The compounded experience of our shared knowledge is alchemy.

The Societal Thinking approach enables:

  • Agency for all actors
  • Diverse contextual solutions
  • Shared value creation
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Who We Are

We are a diverse team of collaborators and co-creators. We are deeply passionate about the possibilities unleashed when people, intent and technology come together to give voice and agency to every individual.

Meet the team

The Work

Distribute the ability to solve rather than distribute solutions

We work with social change leaders to design programs that could advance their societal mission at scale. We work on deep-rooted challenges to find sustainable solutions by applying Societal Platform design principles. Combining the values of co-creation and technology, we strive to serve the diverse needs of our society. Explore our missions.

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Personalised Healthcare
  • Sustainable Habitats
  • Emerging Livelihoods