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Introducing SPace: A Platform to Co-create

“Merely by enabling free, open, immediate and unrestricted access to such resources (data, code, content and processes), we can create new digital public goods and resources that empower other changemakers to reuse, build on and repurpose for their own missions.” – taken from the article, Creating Open Resources & Digital Public Goods

Societal Platform Assets Collaboration Environment or SPace is a manifestation of this intent.

A collective effort of Societal Platform missions and Collaborators, SPace is a platform to share assets and resources + connect people and organisations who are willing to freely share technology, protocols, templates, processes, methods and data as public goods.

On SPace, you can search, discover, connect and share assets.





"The idea of SPace is to bring to the platform our collective learnings & experiences, and build on each others strengths. The path forward is to create a learning community, a SPACE where we can learn, share and interact to strengthen the field of Societal Platform Thinking." Sanjay Purohit, Chief Curator - Societal Platform