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Keynote | Rohini Nilekani speaks at TiE Summit 2020 on Societal Platform Thinking

Rohini Nilekani’s speech at the TiE Summit 2020 where she talks about Societal Platform Thinking, and the need for restoring agency to create a more resilient Samaaj.

Quoting Rohini, “If we want to achieve greater impact as social entrepreneurs, this thinking is one way, though not the only way, to move ahead together. We invite more discussion around these goals and themes. 2020 has shown us how one event, or one tiny virus can affect us globally and personally. It has invited us to understand just how interconnected we are, and to design for more inclusion, more access, more agency, so that more of us can become part of the solution and not remain part of the problem. The next time around, we will be better prepared. Through greatly enhanced co-operation, we are all learning, how to scale our responses with urgency, and towards resilience, with empathy, and last but not least with renewed humility.”