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Notes | Empowering the Workforce for a Scale-up: Data Use for Decision-Making – hosted by BRLPS, JEEViKA & Govt. of Bihar

Between Sept 8-10, 2020, Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (BRLPS), JEEViKA, Rural Development Department, Government of Bihar organised a webinar on System Strengthening in Government-Driven Implementation of Ultra-Poor Graduation Approach. 

Anand Rajan, Platform and Growth Advisor at Societal Platform, was a speaker at a session titled, Empowering the workforce for a scaleup: data management and data use for decision-making along with Rahul Mullick, Deputy Director – Digital, BMGF and moderator, Prem Prakash, SPM – MIS, JEEViKa.

This session was designed to provide insights to JEEViKA/Satat Jeevikoparjan Yojana (SJY) (a program to reach ultra-poor households and help them graduate out of generations of poverty) program teams on how they could leverage data for amplifying and restoring the agency for their first mile beneficiaries. 

You can watch the full presentation in the video attached below (Anand’s session is from 44:18 onwards) and also download the presentation. As you walkthrough the presentation, here are the questions to ponder upon: 

How do you use data to:

  1. unearth deep and hidden insights?
  2. balance the scale of the need with quality of delivery?
  3. cater to diverse beneficiary contexts?
  4. bring various actors to co-create value for the beneficiaries?
  5. learn, evolve and improve outcomes?

Key takeaways from this presentation:

  1. Data is a journey and not a destination
  2. Data has to be infused as an organisation culture
  3. Data helps you transform from an organisation providing value to an ecosystem to orchestrating value
  4. True insights from data exists in the edges of the network
  5. Amplifying beneficiary interactions produces more meaningful data 

This presentation covers data design principles + best practices for empowering with data.

BRLPS-JEEViKA's Webinar on System Strengthening Session: Empowering the workforce for a scale up: Data Management and use of Data for Decision-Making