S2 Episode 3

Design with people

In this season, we have explored how organisations are designing collaborative approaches to address different kinds of social problems and in different sectors. All the organisations we have spoken to talk about understanding the needs of their users, about co-creating solutions with them, and about humility. In this episode, we are exploring how to build the ecosystems necessary for social change. What can we learn from the many inclusive and interesting initiatives that are bringing the citizen, the state and private sector together? How can we build networks and what are the best ways to govern these systems?

Thanks to Rohini Nilekani, Anne Marie Slaughter, Don Norman, Srinivas Katikithala, Roopa Kudva, Sangeet Paul Choudary, Dr Kumud Rai and Dr Sunil Anand, and Kuldeep Dantewadia. Sea Change is co-produced by Societal Platform and Vaaka Media



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