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Case Study

Poverty is our only competition: Q&A with Lalitesh Katragadda, Founder & CEO of Indihood

Dr. Lalitesh Katragadda is a pioneer in crowdsourcing and building products for the underserved. His creation, Google Map Maker, tripled the world’s digital maps corpus – mapping 3 billion people in 187 countries.  He now builds scalable companies and products for India’s Billion. He architected AP’s Fiber Grid and authored India’s national Open API policy.

We had a chat with him about his journey from building the Google Map Maker to conceptualising a 11-minute loan to a first-time borrower at Avanti Finance. He talks about the importance of building technologies for people to contribute meaningfully at scale, the relevance of crowdsourcing, and the power of community-owned infrastructure.

Listen to the full conversation here: