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Research | Principles for Ecosystem Governance

As we adopt Societal Platform Thinking towards working with the ecosystem to achieve the mission, there is a wide and diverse range of interactions that happen and generate value. Interactions that could be around programmes, solutions, infrastructure, and resources. Thus, it becomes important to establish governance mechanisms for balanced evolution of such interactions and their outcomes. Societal Platform partnered with Aapti Institute with the aim to articulate a set of principles that could guide in governing Societal Platforms. The attempt is to identify principles that account for societal values, and aspire to maximise societal impact with a focus on the agency of individuals and institutions.

The report and the included principles have emerged from desk research along with a set of interviews and a brief round table with a few societal missions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bias interactions to deliver impact by identifying and indexing all processes that deliver higher impact.
  • Embed accountability by ensuring clearly articulated responsibilities indexed for context and establishing accessible grievance redressal processes.
  • Design for evolvability by ensuring that governance processes adapt to emerging challenges and opportunities for the platform to be resilient and sustainable.

Report: Principles for Platform Governance

The principles articulated in this document aim to provide a framework for thinking about infusing societal values into governance.

In this presentation, you will find the 11 principles with a ‘pillar and lever’ framework. These principles seek to embed societal values - drawn from constitutionalism, democratic values and individual liberties.