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Skoll World Forum Ecosystem Event 2020 | Societal Platform Approach: Reimagining Participatory Development

The need for and the benefits of physical infrastructure are a well understood part of the development agenda. They are public goods on top of which multi-layered innovation takes place – think roads, postal services, bridges. Similarly, GPS is a digital public good – the ability to identify one’s location has enabled breakthrough technological innovations that has made the everyday lives of everyday people simpler – think Uber, Airbnb. Unfortunately, we have seen very few digital public goods beyond GPS.

But we are aware from our collective experiences of physical infra and GPS, that public goods have the potential to unlock hundreds of innovative solutions by enabling every actor in the ecosystem to participate and contribute. For us to outpace our societal challenges, catching up on the development deficit will not cut – we will need to leapfrog through multiple incremental yet powerful interventions to get ahead of the curve.

And in order to leapfrog, every citizen should be provided with choice to avail affordable and accessible services through inclusive ways. And to get there, different actors should have access to different tools to build diverse solutions for various contexts.  And to do this, there is a need to build open, digital infrastructures which are public goods. Listen to Sanjay Purohit, Chief Curator – Societal Platform, EkStep Foundation, talk about an approach that aims at restoring agency, upholds dignity and increases choice for millions, leaving no one behind.

In this interactive Zoom session, Sanjay Purohit - Chief Curator, Societal Platform - EkStep Foundation, talks about the power of interaction and how technology can be leveraged to amplify it.