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How-to Guide | Societal Platform Independent Field Research

Understanding the adoption of routine changes among users of a Societal Platform can be of great value to a Societal Platform mission. It can help organisations and individuals involved in the mission to make sense of how accessible, affordable and relevant is the Societal Platform for users.

The ‘How-to Guide for Independent Field Research’ provides detailed instructions and examples to help individuals conduct independent field research, to understand the adoption of routine changes.


The ‘how-to’ guide for independent field research is to enable professionals involved in Societal Platform initiatives to understand the adoption of routine changes among platform users.

The slides in the presentation can give a quick sense of the steps involved in conducting independent field research to understand user adoption of routine changes — in Societal Platform missions.

The video will supplement the guide by providing an overview of the different research phases and step-by-step inputs given in the guide.