The Mission Implementation Framework presents a reference structure for mission leaders to envision and develop an approach to drive Societal Platform missions. The Framework helps to deconstruct the mission into programmes, solutions, and assets.

The document also helps in making sense of different ecosystems and the roles of various actors, within civil society, state as well as the market in achieving the intended societal outcomes of the mission.

Click on the below headers to access the guide, a presentation, a video and a poster:

  • Report: The document presents an overview of how Societal Platforms are developed, with EkStep Foundation and eGovernments Foundation as examples. It is intended for social change leaders and philanthropists looking to collaborate with various stakeholders to drive large-scale systemic programmes.
  • Video: Sanjay Purohit, Chief Curator – Societal Platforms, walks through the framework and explains the key concepts: Mission – Programmes – Solutions – Assets.
  • Presentation: This presentation give a quick glance of various aspects of the framework, illustrated through Mission EkStep. 
  • Poster: The poster provides an outline of the Mission Implementation Framework.