The Strategy and Approach document is a transparent articulation of the intent of a Societal Platform mission to the public. The document explains the strategy and approach to develop and use a Societal Platform in resolving societal challenges. It lays down the implementation outline and the guiding principles for the design and architecture of such a platform and describes how different actors can play a role in developing, extending and leveraging the platform.

Click on the below headers to access the guide, a presentation and a poster:

  • Strategy & Approach Document: The guide will provide detailed instructions and examples to help your team:
    • Identify the sections that need to be covered in the document
    • Gather and produce information for each of the sections
    • Identify typical pitfalls while developing the document
  • Presentation: The slides in the presentation will give you a quick sense of:
    • What is a Strategy and Approach document?
    • A step-wise reference process involved in writing this document
  • Poster: The poster provides an outline of the reference process which can be adopted while writing a Strategy and Approach document