The Approach

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Societal Platforms is an approach to inspire systemic change at scale. Imagine an environment where actors from civil society, government and markets can combine their efforts towards a unified purpose. And as they co-create diverse and sustainable solutions, they add to what is a dynamic, ever-evolving resource base. In time, the solutions and knowledge assets diversify, as their impact grows exponentially.

The Societal Platform approach, at its heart, aspires to build the playground necessary for this kind of co-creation. By bringing together risk capital, deep technology skills, a commitment to the commons, and strong mission leadership – it seeks to help cause-innovators flourish when working at unprecedented scale.

Design Principles

Child using tablet device
Child using tablet device

In the power of human interconnectedness


In hyperlocal and hyper-participatory approaches


In incremental changes that can be scaled


In modular approaches that are transferable


In the power of open ecosystems

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