The Aspiration

Kids using VR device

While technology on its own will not solve social, political, or economic issues, it can amplify existing human capacity and intent. And when used thoughtfully, it can strengthen programs, distribute choice, and accelerate scale. We advocate the need to create open resources and digital public goods that empower changemakers to reuse, build on and repurpose for their own missions.

Core Values

Restore Agency

To create an enabling environment that nurtures freedom of choice for all individuals and organisations

Catalyse Interactions

To facilitate proactive participation, value exchange and co-creation between state, civil society, and markets

Resolve for Diversity

To engage with problems from multiple perspectives, with various actors and co-create inclusive solutions

System Leadership

To nurture a practice of distributed leadership that co-creates solutions engaging with the system as a whole

Share Solvability

To enhance capabilities of stakeholders so that they may innovate and respond quickly with contextual solutions

Open Value Creation

To empower every actor to freely create and/or share solutions that create value in response to their own needs

Inspire Co-creation

To design a shared space where people can come together, learn, build upon one another’s work, and create new solutions together

Seek Rapid Evolution

To leverage the feedback and data generated by the platform to drive improvements and innovation

Empower with Data

To help stakeholders use data to generate value for themselves, strengthen existing solutions, and discover new ideas

Build Public Goods

To make all assets such as knowledge, processes, data, and technology freely available to everyone