The Thinking

Just as a thousand mice don’t make an elephant, replicating small solutions won’t solve a large problem at scale. For things to work at scale, they need to be designed such that problems get solved – not because of one idea or one ideator, but because it’s easy for diverse actors to come together to solve.

Societal Thinking can help design such systems.

Our Core Values

Restore Agency

Enable all actors across civil society, governments and private sector to make meaningful decisions for their own as well as collective well-being

Catalyse Interactions

Orchestrate an ecosystem where diverse actors come together and co-create exponential social change

Build Public Goods

Nurture an open and collaborative space where knowledge and resources are for, of and by everyone to use and build upon

Open Value Creation

Energize co-creation by leveraging technology and orchestrating ecosystems where assets are accessible and shared, allowing for inclusive problem-solving

Empower with Data

Facilitate a purpose-driven and open process of collecting and using data which restores the agency of problem-solvers and end-users alike