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Webinar | Developing Engaging Learning Experiences for Capacity Building of Adults

As changemakers working on different societal challenges, our work constantly requires us to engage with adults – teachers, farmers, artisans, doctors, volunteers… Although learning is an unsaid aspect of all our interactions, designing thoughtful interventions for adults is an art.

During this one hour interactive webinar, Khushboo Awasthi & her team from ShikshaLokam along with Krishnan Pallassana & his team from Digital Green will take us through their journey of designing engaging learning for adults.

  • How do we engage adult learners in an environment that fosters learning?
  • What are some of the principles for guiding and facilitating adult learning?
  • How has ShikshaLokam & Digital Green adopted these principles to their context – school leadership + farmers – and what are the learnings from it?
  • What are some of the challenges in facilitating adult learning in non-traditional learning environments?
  • Are there any resources to refer and learn from?

Shikshalokam & Digital Green co-host a micro-learning session on 'Developing engaging learning experiences for capacity building of adults'.