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Webinar | Nurturing Societal Networks by June Holley

We know that a collaboratively developed ecosystem is needed to support a movement for societal change at scale. One critical piece of that ecosystem is a communications ecosystem so that network participants can collaborate, share information and learn together.

June Holley (, who has been weaving networks for more than 40 years, shares a model for a communications ecosystem that emerges from network values and develops five key network processes.

Participants will have time in breakout rooms to discuss how they might apply these concepts and practices to their work. During these 90 minutes session, June interacted with participants and discussed:

  1. How do we create spaces and places for discussing ideas and for sharing what has been learned?
  2. How do we ensure that everyone has access to new ideas and innovations from other communities and networks?
  3. What are the different places for network participants to get to know each other and deepen relationships?
  4. What are the ways to track network development and use this data to enable the network to move more rapidly to a system shifting network?