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Webinar | Scale Modelling: Planning for scale using systems thinking

As we work on designing large collaborative programs, we are aware of the need to scale the idea to reach millions of people. But this brings with it the challenges of planning and executing for scale. 

  • How do we plan to scale our mission while factoring in various variables? 
  • How do we plan for it across a certain period of time, say what should it look like in the 1st year? after 3 years? 
  • What are the potential indicators of progress of scale?

In this micro-learning session, we are joined by Mihir Mathur and Kabir Sharma of DESTA to provide us with a framework to work through the various aspects of scaling our mission. In this session, Mihir & Kabir will demonstrate how systems thinking and simulation modeling can help us better understand the dynamics of scale in complex environments. 

The session will introduce us to the basics of systems thinking and system dynamics modeling. From here, they will help us relook at ‘scale’, model for scale and what it means for our missions to use systems modeling. 

To illustrate this, they will take us through a systems story of a new mission, aimed at improving early education, having its scale objectives defined.  A system dynamics simulation model will be unfolded, based on the story, which would be having quantified parameters. Participants will get to see the model structure and simulation results in terms of what scale the mission is able to achieve over a period of time. Multiple scenarios shall be run, to test the sensitivity of certain parameters, on the scale outcomes (in terms of faster or slower growth), how the scale is achieved, what parameters or feedback loops drive the scaling process and some potential indicators for monitoring the progress of scale. 

You will be able to engage with the model story and simulation outcomes in an interactive manner during the session. 


Mihir Mathur and Kabir Sharma of DESTA provide us with a framework to work through the various aspects of scaling our mission.