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Webinar | Societal Platform: Leveraging Open Ecosystems | Charcha 2020

We live in a world of complex systems – interconnected problems, diverse contexts, challenges of scaling – more than ever before, we feel the need for collective efforts and common spaces for co-creation. In this context, what is the role of open ecosystems? Open ecosystems manifested as open innovation, open participation, open knowledge, open data.

Hosted by The/Nudge Foundation as part of Charcha 2020, Sanjay Purohit – Chief Curator, Societal Platform, EkStep Foundation co-hosted this session with Kuldeep Dantewadia of Reap Benefit, Prateek Shetty of Videowiki and Gaurav Godhwani of Civic Data Lab.

An interactive session that covers the power of open ecosystems through the lens of open participation, open knowledge and open data.