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Webinar | Winning Together: Collective Impact at Scale S1

There are an estimated 5.6 million non-profit organizations around the world (India has ~ 2 million, and the US has ~1.6 million) who are engaged in a variety of social development activities. Yet, we see that the majority of these social enterprises continue to operate in silos. This results in fragmented and often redundant efforts, competition for resources (people, funding), lack of transparency, few meaningful partnerships despite the focus on common challenges (or beneficiaries or geographies). This leads to our collective inability to use scarce resources to deliver impact at scale. While there is no shortage of good intent, we need to radically change the way we work together to collectively enable non-linear impact. We believe it is possible. 

Winning Together: Socion, an advisory firm that focuses exclusively on enabling impact initiatives at scale, along with Societal Platform have started a 4-part series called, Winning Together. Through this series, our endeavour is to illustrate how we can work together across the ecosystem to amplify collective impact to resolve complex, interconnected social challenges. This interactive series of 4 sessions will feature practitioners, government representatives and funders speaking on various facets of what it takes to collaborate.

The first session was on Dec 1, 2020, and the speakers were Mala Subramaniam, CEO, Arghyam; Anand Arkalgud, Co-Founder, Socion; Sanjay Purohit – Chief Curator, Societal Platform

In this  90 minutes session, our speakers walked through the what, why and how of Winning Together. We discussed:

  • Why cannot we combat challenges at scale unless we work together?

  • What can each of us do individually and collectively to amplify impact?

  • Our current hypothesis and an approach that can enable a non-linear trajectory when we work together