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Case Study

Webinar | Winning Together: Collective Impact at Scale S2

In S2 titled, If we improve our ability to see, we can improve our ability to solve, we went deeper into the idea of ‘Digital Nutrients’ being put to use to create an enabling environment leading to societal impact at scale. We illustrated this through a case study of FES, who work in the area of Natural resource Management. Using this case study, we showcased how ‘Digital Nutrients’ are generated by interactions on the ground, and how these efforts are contributing to collective impact while they continue to innovate and focus on doing what they do well. 

Speakers in S2: Sanjay Joshie, CEO, Executive Director, FES; Anand Arkalgud, Co-Founder, Socion; Sanjay Purohit – Chief Curator, Societal Platform

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